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HeadUp has offices around the world and our team has 20+ years of experience in health tech and insurtech. We’re trusted by health and life insurers, large employers and governments around the world to help them connect to the people they care about and put them on the path to long, healthy, happy lives.
Glenn Riseley, HeadUp founder and CEO, spent 14 years in the corporate wellness sector developing a world-class program for global businesses to improve the wellbeing of their employees.

Bringing the HeadUp vision to fruition

Armed with the knowledge that innovative tech would be the key to a new era in healthcare, Glenn began thinking of a way to consolidate wearable device data, information from doctors, and personal health observations. Very soon, the idea of a ‘human dashboard’ was born. He enlisted a team of data scientists, user experience and product specialists, and coders, to bring it to life. First, they built algorithms to process the health data found on people’s wearable devices. The idea was that the algorithms would trawl through a person’s data to uncover interesting patterns and trends, as well as any problem areas – and feed this information back to a dashboard. That way, at one glance, anyone could see how their health was tracking, where it should be, and most importantly, how to improve it. The most natural thing to do was to package the human dashboard into an app so that people could easily access their personalised health information. But before this could happen, the algorithms needed to be tested.

Where we've come from


Launch of world leading workplace health initiative the Global Corporate Challenge.
Expansion across 185 countries, offices in 9 global locations
400,000 annual users; multi award winning 89% engagement
2,000,000 lives positively impacted. Largest global corporate health footprint ever. Sold to Virgin Group.


Idea for HeadUp conceived and HeadUp Labs founded
Clinical advisory board assembled
Human Dashboard launched in beta with 10,000 users.
Officially launched onto the app stores and first 100,000 user downloads
Further data collection and multi-dimensional risk models developed
Partnerships with Apple, FitBit, Garmin and 10 other wearable companies


250,000+ global users
Partnership with US Military commenced to address veteran mental health and suicide
Contracts signed with leading life and health insurers across UK and Europe
Launch of Delta Wearable to democratize health and data for all


Delta device certified as registered medical device
Targeted 1,000,000 users
Machine Learning trails able to accurately detect 10 year CVD risk along with Type II Diabetes and mental health risk.



Meet the team

A multidisciplinary team of data scientists, product specialists, developers, marketers and writers work together to bring HeadUp to life.

See the solution

A multidisciplinary team of data scientists, product specialists, developers, marketers and writers work together to bring HeadUp to life.

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