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Preventative healthcare in the palm of your hand

In the palm of your hand

HeadUp harnesses the power of wearable technology, data science, AI and machine learning to help your people identify the areas of their health that they need to improve. And then helps them do it.

the mission

People need your help. You're in a unique position to provide that help.

People are so preoccupied with juggling the trivial things in their lives, that they often drop the most non-trivial ball of all: their health. Forget about health for long enough – and that ball can roll away, never to be found. The thing is, we have the power to help you intervene before the ball gets lost under a dusty sofa somewhere. We help you deliver personalised preventative healthcare to your people – so they can get the most out of life, and you can get the most out of them. HeadUp aligns the incentives so everyone wins.

those who need it most

Who we work with

We work with employers who want to improve the health of their employees, reduce absenteeism and improve engagement levels. We work with insurers who want to identify how their policyholders are really tracking and deliver targeted and timely signposts to help them manage their risks. And we work with intermediaries who are looking to give their clients real healthcare solutions. In short, we work with those who truly care about their people.


Employees are your most valuable assets – so why wouldn’t you help them?


You’re in the perfect position to help your policyholders.


What happens when people have a better understanding of their health?

Underpinned by science

At our core, we are a data science company that applies itself to people’s health.

Employees and policyholders are presented with a personalised Human Dashboard – alerting them to the areas of their health that need to improve. Each one feeds into a master dashboard, so that, on the other side, employers and insurers are able to accurately identify how their employees and policyholders are tracking and improving and where they need help.


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HeadUp was able to partner with Union to bring to life a smart, modern, digital health companion, who empowers Union’s customers to live healthier, happier lives.

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We have a ‘health’ ‘care’ ‘system’ but when you stop and think about it, it’s actually the opposite. The healthcare system is one you enter after you get sick. It’s sick-care. It deals with the consequences and outcomes of not being healthy.

Glenn Riseley

HeadUp Founder & CEO