Translated in any language

Adapting to you and your locale

We pride ourselves on being a highly global company – we adhere to global health standards and work hard to ensure our words and tone of voice speak to people everywhere. When in doubt, we turn to the World Health Organization.

That way, when we translate our in-app and marketing content to your language, the end result is relevant to your audience.

As well as ensuring we achieve equivalent meanings, we comprehensively review your translated text to address any cultural differences and adapt the content where needed.


Your brand, your tone of voice, your vision

Our marketing communication is fully customised to you, channel agnostic and utilises audience segmentation relevant to your geographical location.

We merge your brand’s values and tone of voice with our years of expertise in acquisition to seamlessly onboard a broad spectrum of people onto the platform.

Our in-house expertise stretches across content, design/brand, data science and behavioural economics and consumer psychology. Using our unique skill blend, we are able to leverage data and known market variables to tailor the perfect message for your locale.

Regulated by local guidelines

We make a point to understand the guidelines set forth by your governinghealth bodies and your country’s specific privacy laws. We work together with you to ensure all translated content falls within these guidelines. If it doesn’t we make the necessary amendments.

Signposting and integration with local partners

We develop an intricate understanding of the health problems your peopleface and help them with highly personalised Insights and interventions. But sometimes external help is required.

Our smart signposting system directs your people to local healthcare professionals that you partner with to ensure they get the help they need from experts in the field.

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Blend of science and fun

Highly personalised

Validated by clinical evidence