Specialist signposting

As members activate their ratings, participate in Experiments, take surveys and build their library of Insights, the platforms algorithms uncover non-communicable diseases for which each individual is most at risk. People are told what they need to know in order to reduce their risks and prevent these illnesses from happening.


Human to human

The right information when people need it

Prevention is a key focus of the platform because we know that preventable diseases cause 70% of deaths year after year. With the right information, anyone using the platform can equip themselves with the knowledge they need to live healthfully and protect themselves from illness.

The right intervention when people need it

Sometimes people need input from a GP or specialist – and this is where the signposting feature comes in. Fully customisable and adaptable to the needs of your members and organisation, signposting delivers personalised and preventative healthcare to the right people at the right time.

Loved by consumers, trusted by corporates

I must say the motivation of the insurance company for its clients to think about their condition, look at various recommendations and, based on on the evaluation, consider a possible lifestyle change or even visit an expert, is really nice

Client member
I wouldn’t have thought they (client) would have put an program like that together....It’s a nice surprise... feels like a natural progression for them to come into the 21st century...it does give them an aspect about caring about their clientele, how can we make it better for you, how can we make your health better...feels like they’re a compassionate, forward thinking organisation who are looking out for their clients

Client member
I have recommended this platform to a list of my friends. Best part for me is how is the mood feature, just knowing and selecting make you pay attention to what’s happening. I was suffering anxiety when I first downloaded and knowing triggers etc helped significantly.

HeadUp member