You’re looking for ways to help people take control of their health, so that you can give your clients and members real, preventative healthcare solutions. You’ve come to the right place.



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Get the people moving

How do we stop the overcrowding of hospitals? Build more of them? Add more beds, equipment, nurses, doctors and surgeons to the ones we already have? All of the above? The world’s population continues to grow, so ‘all of the above’ will probably have to happen one way or another.

But considering non-communicable diseases drive the demand for surgical healthcare, there has to be a better way to help people lead healthy lives without completely straining our healthcare systems in the process.

We help you help lots of people at once – but in a tailored, targeted way.

We identify specific, actionable and personalised trends and patterns that lead to better health – and then use them to change people’s behaviours at the population level. We understand that deep personalisation is key to engage with people and engage people with their health.

You can’t bore people into changing their habits, only excite them

Just as important as meeting people where they are, is sustaining engagement until a healthy habit is built. Each person’s reason for downloading and using HeadUp may be different, so the platform provides multiple mechanisms for engagement and retention – particularly those who need it most.

Personalised healthcare is preventative healthcare

People gain the unique skills they need to take control of their health, which is what helps you achieve health outcomes at the population level. This is a true preventative approach to health, designed to help people live their happiest and healthiest lives and ultimately, lessen the load on the healthcare system.


Help your client build a partnership with their policyholders

Many insurers fall into the trap of delivering ‘wellness’ almost as a ‘free-gift-with-purchase’ – an approach that revolves around points and discounts. Yet, the evidence is overwhelming that manipulating people with extrinsic rewards attracts already healthy people who like these kinds of promotions. They’re failing to reach the very people who need help the most.

HeadUp engages everyone – including those who need it most

Your client gains insight into risks now and into the future

Their members are empowered to take control of their health


Empower retirees to make the most of their pension

A certain number of retirees are drawing down unsustainable amounts from their super accounts each year. But many go the other way: drawing down minimum amounts for fear of running out, and in the process, leaving their money behind. Sure, we can do more sums and work out better formulas – calculate the exact amount of money people should use to ensure they don’t run out prematurely or leave too much behind…