You are in the perfect position to help your policyholders. When you do, they benefit and so do you. Why wait until something goes wrong?


Some insurers deliver ‘wellness’ almost as a ‘free-gift-with-purchase’ that revolves around points and discounts.  

The evidence is overwhelming that manipulating people with extrinsic rewards attractsalready healthy people who like these kinds of promotions, but they’re failing to reach the very people who need help the most. 


Our approach is unique because we gather trust and information and then signpost a customer to the things that will make the biggest difference to them.


It’s deeply personal and taps into people’s intrinsic motivation – which is why it works. It’s also scalable, accessible to every customer wherever they are, and far more economical.


Extrinsic motivation does have a place, though: our in-app challenges tap into elements of gamification to help connect your policyholders to your brand, spark their competitive spirit and build a sense of community.

Leading the way

HeadUp CEO Glenn Riseley explains how we’re revolutionising the way insurers manage their policy holders.
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Gain insight into risks now and into the future

When you look at your members, what do you see? Claims and policyholder churn. That’s about it. But there’s so much more going on, hidden beneath the surface: a member’s risk factors, lifestyle factors and changes, health biometrics, disease progression.

Now, you had a way to visualise all of this and help people before they become very unwell. Help them before they claim. You win, and so do they.

Here’s how it works:

Help your members get ahead of chronic diseases

The HeadUp platform is offered to members as a mechanism to empower them to take care of themselves and understand themselves better. The consumer-facing messaging is that we are all flying blind, whilst operating the most complex machine in the known universe – the human mind and body.
Members’ data is analysed and presented back to them in the form of their own personalised Human Dashboard. They are quickly and easily able to understand how they are faring across 6 important categories: Mind, Heart, Weight, Sleep, Activity, Financial Wellbeing.
Insights help members understand what their ratings mean for their health and help them manage their risks for mental illness, chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancers. Experiments give them an easy tool to begin to build new healthy habits.


What this means, in short, for you

Boost engagement & retention

Increase member satisfaction & NPS

Interventions focused on key claims vectors

Move from being a payer to a partner in your members’ lives

Inform new product development via novel data

Build and connect a rich healthcare ecosystem with a smart engagement and signposting

Harness our engagement platform as a new customer acquisition tool

Develop and measure A/E outcomes across claiming and non-claiming lives

Target interventions precisely vs. expensive and ineffective broad brush approaches

Provide digital diagnostic and triage of members without expensive paramed tests

Gain a 360-degree view of your policyholders, combining health, lifestyle, and claims data

Backed by client findings and focus groups

93% member sentiment

"I must say that the motivation of the insurance company for it's customers to think about their condition, look at various recommendations and, based on the evaluation, consider a possible lifestyle change or even to visit an expert, is really nice!"


Discover how we’re transforming healthcare, digitally

I must say that the motivation of the insurance company for it’s consumers to think about their condition, look at the various recommendations and, based on the evaluation, consider a possible lifestlye change or even a visit to an expert, is really nice!
Silvia, Client member

See how Union drove 93% member sentiment

HeadUp was able to partner with Union to bring to life a smart, modern, digital health companion, who empowers Union’s customers to live healthier, happier lives.