Highly Personalised

The human dashboard

Just like the dashboard of a car signals to its driver that the fuel tank is empty or that the engine needs oil, HeadUp’s Human Dashboard shows people where they are and where they need to be across 5 categories of health and fitness: Mind, Heart, Sleep, Weight and Activity.

Watch your dashboard come to life

People sync their wearable device to switch on their Heart, Sleep and Activity ratings. They are encouraged to enter their weight, height and waist measurements in order to reveal their Weight ratings. They are reminded to complete mood check-ins and the WHO5-based Emotional Health Survey, which, together, activate their Mind rating.

Insights you can action

Data-driven Insights are then deployed, to explain, in a tone unique to HeadUp Systems, what their ratings mean and how to improve them. No two libraries are the same – Insights are based on what each individual needs at any point in time. Experiments offer a vehicle through which they can learn to build new behaviours and over time – healthier habits.

This way, you can provide your members with a highly personalised system tailored to their unique needs. One that’s designed to help them take control of their health – and stop them from getting sick in the first place.

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