Employees are your most valuable assets – so why wouldn’t you help them?

Connect and support your workforce remotely

Covid-19 has shown us that we need to find a way to put our arms around our people and find a way to do this even when they’re not in the same building.

Like every business function, this needs to be informed by data-driven, evidence-based, real-time information, and it needs employees to be engaged and involved.

Your people – your most valuable asset – may not be physically showing up like before, but more than ever they need to be seen and understood. More than ever, they need your support.

This wasn’t our first pandemic, and it’s unlikely to the be the last, so this change to a personalised, digital wellbeing function is necessary.

It prepares you for what is ahead and sends a message that you are resilient, innovative and that you truly care.

It is good for your employees. It is good for business.

Augment the employee experience

What is at the core of excellent employee experience? Coffee vouchers? Car allowance? One of those big slides that takes you from the top to ground floor very quickly? Maybe. Maybe not.

This certainly is: employers that care about the health of their employees and make a genuine effort to understand where their people are at so they can provide them with what they need to be at their best.

Often, though, healthcare is really, in practice ‘sickcare’. People are left to their own devices until they become acutely ill and cannot work and require clinical care. A true healthcare approach will prioritise prevention and look to identify and diagnose problems early so they can be easily managed or eliminated.

The issues that employees were already struggling with have now been compounded by the pandemic and growing economic uncertainty. Creating an open, two-way dialogue allows you a clear line of sight on how your employees are coping.

Your people need your help – more than ever before. And you are in a unique position to provide it.

Encourage social connection and peer support

Covid19 has shown us that for many people, working from home can be isolating and lonely. With a decrease in face-to-face communication, employees can often feel overlooked or left out of key discussions – not to mention, social events.

The in-app challenge feature is made to bring people together and foster a sense of community – no matter where they end up working.

People are placed in teams and taken on a virtual tour. The places they visit along the way depends on the number of steps their team takes. Steps are converted to miles – and the team that covers the most miles, wins. ‘Bonus miles’ are up for grabs if team members complete a certain number of mood check-ins per week and/or track their Experiment progress.

This is an entirely customisable solution which has incredible potential to create a more connected workforce, improve the physical and mental health of employees, lower health risks, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.

Smart benefits navigation

Put your services in front of employees when they need them the most, facilitating preventative care.


What you don’t see

When an employee is going through a hard time, how do you, as an employer, know? Well, you may use the eNPS to gauge their engagement and enthusiasm for their workplace. If their injury is physical – you may see a limb or two in a cast. You’d certainly notice absenteeism and lost time.

Here’s what you can’t see: mental health risks, family pressures, presenteeism, stress, fatigue and burnout risks and poor work-life integration.

HeadUp makes these things visible. We help you figure out what each employee needs to thrive. We show the employee themselves what they need to thrive.

Actionable Workforce Insights to get to know your employees & their challenges

Make the invisible visible

Each of your employees’ individual HeadUp dashboards feed into an overall ‘company dashboard’, helping your organisation understand the state of your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

This helps you see clearly for the first time:

The IoT (internet of things) gave us smart factories some years ago and allowed organisations to identify risks early and optimise productivity. Now, HeadUp Systems allows you to put this smart factory to good use.

Support and augment existing benefits offerings

Targeted communications

The analogue version of delivering wellbeing has required a lot of onsite dependency. Things like biometric screening, health checks, EAP interventions, mindfulness seminars, resilience training now need to be delivered in a new way.

More importantly, they need to be communicated in a new way so that the right people are targeted with the right intervention at the right time.

Any existing resources or support that you have in place can be surfaced to the members who actually need it, when they need it and become fully utilised.

With HeadUp Systems you can deliver what your employees need, when they need it. You can deliver true, preventative healthcare.


Discover how we’re transforming healthcare, digitally

I must say that the motivation of the insurance company for it’s consumers to think about their condition, look at the various recommendations and, based on the evaluation, consider a possible lifestlye change or even a visit to an expert, is really nice!
Silvia, Client member

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