Blend of science and fun

How we cut through

In a world full of marketing hype, shallow influencers, and false promises, it’s critical we cut through the noise with an app that’s clear, unambiguous, and effective in delivering on its promise. So, as a leading data science and health technology company, we are unashamedly 100% evidence based. Our approach is informed only by the latest proven science. We don’t compromise on our credibility. Ever.

We get it, science is sometimes not as fun as it could be

We’re not boring academics either. We don’t just search for facts and truth – we search for the best way to deliver them, too. There’s no point being the smartest, most knowledgeable people in the world if no-one understands us or wants to listen.

The perfect blend

In short, we’re fun. The most fun. We’re as silly as a bum full of Smarties – and just as funny. Every time you think of us, you smile and look forward to the next time we meet. We know that facts alone won’t change how people think and feel so we deliver everything with warmth, humour and surprise.

See what else is part of the solution

healthcare, not sickcare

Highly personalised

Validated by clinical evidence

Translated in any language